A month in Bulgaria


I went on holiday for a month. 4 weeks. 28 days. Weeks 1 and 4 were by myself, weeks 2 and 3 with my sister and her husband.

Why? Because I knew I needed to refresh and recharge. I was running on empty. In every sense of the word. But also, I didn’t want a Summer alone in England. I couldn’t quite face driving around the length and the breadth of the UK to meet up with dear friends- whom I would love to spend time with, but I didn’t want my usual nomadic social life.

My sister has an apartment in Bulgaria. Usually, I do my best not to leave the complex. I have no desire to see Bulgaria (sorry!) but I had a huge desire to read, crochet, eat, drink, chat and generally be silly. Bulgaria is also really hot. I do love the sun, but I do not like it on my skin- so much to the amusement of all the other holiday makers I set myself up in the shadow of one of the buildings, normally covered from head to toe, flask of tea and mountains of yarn. Bliss. There is a pool where I exercise (more of that later).

On the whole I was anxious about the two weeks holidaying solo. I wanted to do it. I chose to do it. But I wasn’t entirely sure I could do it! As I have been going for a number of years to the same place, you do get to know other people, and I was pretty sure I could have company when I wanted it- but it was still a big thing for me. To compensate, I think I packed most of hobby craft! I took copious amount of yarn, books, art materials… the works. I had very little room for clothes!

IMG_0807 2 IMG_0811 2 IMG_0812

The other thing that happened before I went. Two people known to my sister- decided to hijack my last week! They rented an apartment from someone else. I was really gutted. I don’t choose to spend time with them in England let alone when I am on holiday by myself in Bulgaria. It was quite irritating to be honest. I had to practice the DBT skills of DEARMAN. (This module the one of interpersonal effectiveness is one that I find most tricky. Saying no. Expressing my needs and wants. Not pleasing other people to the detriment of my own health. Penelope and I have had quite a few battles over this one.)

I’m not sure I was entirely successful in my dealings with them. I know they are totally entitled to holiday when and wherever they want and I had to make the choice to not allow their presence to spoil my holiday. it wasn’t completely successful. I didn’t do too bad. However, I would have much preferred it if they weren’t there… this dilemma continues…

The scene was set… bags packed… creative supplies in abundance (suitable clothes not quite so much). Bulgaria here I come! But even I couldn’t foresee the events that were about to unfold!

Thanks for listening.


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