Holding on to the good


The last couple of weeks have been very challenging. I am tired, irritable and find myself having moments of feeling a bit sorry myself. When I see those things I know I need to get a grip, and quickly! So this week I have had the chance to have a good catch up with two wonderful friends about my Summer adventures. It was so good to laugh from the belly again. I remembered that I had promised myself I would blog about the Summer, not just to process some of the things, but also to have a record. Sometime Penelope (my DBT therapist) sets me homework to re-read my blog. The Old Testament is full of testimonies to the goodness of God- a record to go back to in more difficult times. So this morning, I am forsaking The Archers omnibus to reminisce about my Summer. Not with romantic longings- but the need to keep hold of the good and progress I made.

I am also going to experiment with staggered publishing so that hopefully these will appear in your emails in the correct order (no guarantees I will actually manage this!)

Thanks for listening. I hope the following posts bring you some joy and more importantly hope.

Hmmm… just realised I don’t know how to do this! So can I suggest you read the emails/ posts in time order! (Daniel, can you help!?!)


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