The broad themes…


I need to anchor my thoughts about the Summer- not just for blogging purposes but also to give myself chapters/ milestones to  anchor to. When things get very wobbly and threaten to break, I want to know clearly what I can hold on to. I think this Summer was about

  • creativity
  • community and encouragement
  • courage
  • unexpected possibilities
  • the power of being a woman
  • being prepared

I’m not saying I am going to blog about each of these, as most are interwoven anyway- but I know from memory techniques I need a list!

I need to go and get ready to be seen in public now, so I need to hold those thoughts! Very exciting!

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Hiya, I used to follow your blog religiously, I found it helpful. But I must admit- I haven’t been reading for a while. I haven’t written my own either. But, having failed twice recently to lower my medications further- I find myself wondering once again how/if I can make that journey to complete healing. I bought a DBT self help book a couple of years ago when my therapist at that time said I had strong traits of Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT might be the way forward. The psychiatrists haven’t diagnosed that- they diagnosed an anxiety disorder and the neurologist diagnosed tourettes syndrome alongside it and I took the medications and gradually things calmed somewhat.But I like the fact that DBT is about learning to live in a different way and that is what I want. I want to learn the skills to see things change. The gp is referring me for 6 sessions of CBT again but I’ve done that before….I will gladly accept it because I want to keep moving forward but I wonder if I should consider DBT again, as part of my journey. I will have a look through your posts and see what I have missed and what I can learn from!

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