the question that keeps on coming…


There are some questions that keep occurring for me… they are never fully resolved… they keep presenting themselves to me. How to rest is one of those questions. How to truly recover and recuperate. How to restore. How to replenish.

One of the challenges for me is to manage my expectations of rest. I think it has to look a certain way. I need to feel productive in my rest. I still find it so tricky to work out what I need in any given moment.

I have a few days away, by myself.

I have come to visit a new place for me. It is beautiful. Lots to potential things to do and see. I have a rucksack full of books, art materials, nearly as much wool as when I went away for a month. Cycling routes have been planned. There is a swimming pool, a spa, a beautiful lake…

To the point I feel slightly overwhelmed at all the things I could do to relax!

So, I need to stop and look inward- what do I need, what do I want.

I know I want to blog. Tick.

I know I want to lie down. This is a tension as I think I need to be out enjoying the grounds etc, but I want to lie down. Tick.

I want to watch The Chase without my neighbour.

I want to go to bed early.

I have turned off my work email accounts. Tick.

I know that Autumn leaves in the UK are a wonderful thing.

Just maybe I will be in this beautiful place and not partake of any of its facilities, and just maybe, this time, I will be ok with that.

I leave you with my view.


Thanks for listening.


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