how to solve a problem like…


I have been dreading this weekend… really dreading it… having tearful moments over it… have lost some sleep over it… I won’t go in to the details, suffice to say, I have been dreading/ fearing something before it has even happened. That isn’t my usual M.O. but for some reason, fear about something happening before it’s even happened has plagued me this week.

Really plagued me.

I was given very specific homework by Penelope for my DBT session today, and I didn’t want to be distracted from this but I also knew I needed help with the upcoming weekend. We discussed my options and I thought some of you might find it helpful. Penelope talked about the DBT strategy of dealing with any given problem/ issue/ concern. We can either

  1. solve it
  2. change our perspective on it
  3. tolerate and survive it or
  4. do nothing

I didn’t come to any conclusions about my issue in the moment, but I left knowing that I had a framework in which to face them. I can either solve it, change my perspective on it, tolerate my pain in it or do nothing. In some ways I want to do a bit of all the first three- Penelope felt that was a little too ambitious at the moment, so this evening, my task is to prepare myself for the days ahead… sometimes things are so hard, aren’t they.


Thanks for listening.



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