It is my intention…


Today, I am setting an intention- and to help solidify that, I’m putting it out there!

Until CUnknown.jpeghristmas I worked at a different school every Tuesday. I was never available for other things. Since leaving that job, I have toyed with the idea of keeping Tuesday to myself. For all those things I never seem to get around to… blogging, mindfulness, reading DBT books, thinking, writing, attending to my inner being.


For a variety of reasons (always good ones in my mind!) this hasn’t happened. Well today- it will. It already feels difficult. But I will. I will spend time attending to my inner needs. I will go to my log cabin and try and ‘be’. The whole day will not be cerebal I am in a total decluttering, clearing out mode- still working through my brother’s things- so I need to take things to charity shops etc… but the tele will stay off and I will stay focussed.

I want to do this today. I’m not avoiding resting. I’m not trying to over-achieve or ‘be productive’. I am setting a day aside to do those things that I love doing, that recharge my soul (which is fairly weary at the mo) and carry on trying to make some order out of the chaos – both physical and internal.

I will report back!


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