out with the old…


I am on a mission.

The mission to declutter. I’ve dabbled before. But I am being ruthless this time.


My house is in chaos- which feels like a reflection of my life.

And thankfully, I’ve had enough. It’s got to change.

The difference this time- is that I’m going deep.

I know some people are happy with messy drawers and cupboards as long as it’s not on show. I can’t do that.The messy drawers sometimes aggravate me more than the overt stuff. So I’m going deep.

Drawers. Files. Boxes.

Things that I’ve struggled with giving away on previous de-clutters, are going. When I’m struggling to give away- that is the indication that I need to give it away. This is not a short term project- I have a lot of stuff!

The stuff just has to go!

I’m not naive, I know that once it’s gone the temptation will be to fill up again… where there’s an empty drawer- fill it up again. I will deal with that side of things when I get to it. At the moment, the current operation is to clear out. The stuff just has to go!

Thanks for listening.


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