catastrophizing and evidence


I realised as I was writing my previous post that I am catastrophising (not sure how to spell it but I know it is a CBT term).

I am imagining the worse case scenario. I am replaying previous experiences and assuming they will happen again.

I am predicting the future, when I only have the present.

Unknown.pngBut I know how to deal with this. I am skilful. I have evidence that contradicts my fears. And I will just have to keep reciting the evidence until the anxiety lessens.

Evidence thus far: 

  1. They are not rescue dogs.
  2. They are a different breed.
  3. They are not Damien.
  4. They will have each other for company when I am not around.
  5. I am different  and will continue to change and grow.
  6. I can train them in my ways from the start.
  7. I am a skilled teacher, I can manage children, so I can train 2 docile puppies.
  8. These are so gorgeous friends will like them as opposed to dreading Damien coming round.
  9. If I have to, I can take them in to work. (I’m one of the bosses)
  10. They are dogs not humans.
  11. I have friendships where I am not enmeshed so I know how to remain separate.

And this list will grow.

Thanks for listening.



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