Dear George and Mildred


Dear George and Mildred,

I wasn’t really expecting you. You weren’t totally planned. But you are welcomed.

I promise to

  • look after you
  • keep you safe
  • feed and water you
  • take you for lovely walks
  • have lots of fun
  • give you opportunities to play with humans and other dogs
  • give you lots of cuddles
  • have adventures with you (we may well be travelling the length and breadth of the country)

But, YOU WILL NOT OWN ME. You come in to my house and my life on MY terms. I am in charge. I set the agenda not you. You may think you can sniff out my weakness and exploit it, but you won’t win. You may pull on every heart string I have, but you won’t win. Because, I can do this.

You will have a fantastic life with me, but I will work with every ounce in me, to make sure I have a fantastic life with you as well.

Here’s to the adventure.



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