The Power of the Pups


The London Underground is well known for the fact that people don’t speak to each other… even eye contact is a bit risqué! Last week George and Mildred came on the tube with me. They are allowed, so I wasn’t hiding them, but they were lying low in their bag as the experience was quite noisy for them. But at one point they popped up to say hello. The coach ignited. The other commuters melted over them. People got up from their seats to stroke them… people spoke to me, asking questions, but then I noticed that conversations started up with people sitting next door to each other. The Pups had melted a few hearts. It was lovely.

I find it joyful when the Pups bring people closer to me and closer to each other. With my preIMG_1495.JPGvious dog, I had to avoid people! (for their own safety usually). But the pups are bringing people in to my life. I just hope I can find enough room in my heart!

Thanks for listening.


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