I did something outrageous…


During the Summer, while in Bulgaria for 4 weeks, I did something outrageous… drum roll… holding breath in anticipation…

I ditched a novel I was reading because I didn’t like it. It wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t enjoying it.

So I decided to abandon a book I would usually make myself slog through until the end. I decided I didn’t like something and I didn’t have to endure it. Unknown.jpeg

I often dip in and out of non-fiction books and that has always been acceptable to me… but a novel… this is cutting edge stuff for me… It almost feels ‘naughty’…

I ditched a book and started a new one. When my courage has been a bit shaken over the last few weeks, I just say to myself, Hephzibah, you stopped reading a novel and started a new one- it doesn’t get more hard core than that. You can do it!

Thanks for listening


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