I’ve only gawn and done it!



I, Hepzibah, Duchess of Debden have ran my first 5 k.

Yesterday morning, not planned, not quite prepared. But I did it.

I did not stop once. I kept going even when I thought I couldn’t. I DID NOT STOP.

At this point, in my head, Cliff Richard is singing congratulations to me, the Olympic Stadium is full of 120,000 spectators cheering me on and I have actually grown a shiny new halo as I feel so virtuous I think I may be up for a Nobel Peace Prize.


My time was embarrassingly slow! (50 mins- most amateurs would do it in about 30 mins) but I DON’T CARE. I HAVE RUN A 5k. Ok, I admit, that at that time, jog may be more accurate- but I HAVE RUN A 5K!!!!!  I could have walked it quicker but I wanted to be able to blog this morning and say I HAVE RUN a 5k. 

It was not all plain sailing: At one point, I did think I had done 4k- when in fact I hadn’t quite done 1k (I found the signs a bit confusing!) I thought it was once around the park and I felt a little deflated when the steward told me it was 3! The pups were with me so they got a good run too. My friend ended up doing the last lap with me (he had already done 3). I was lapped by a 90 year old… but I don’t care. I RAN A 5k and nothing will ever be able to take that away from me.

Thanks for listening.



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