being bottom


I have been playing hockey since the Summer.

I am not very good at hockey.

I have never been very good at hockey.

I am ‘bottom of the class’

I am not used to being bottom of the class.

People avoid passing the ball to me, as I usually miss the ball.

I am the last to be picked for the teams.

Yesterday, we played with a new team. There were 3 women including me. The other two are good players. The other team gave them both a new hockey stick for free to encourage them. I was left out.

I felt terrible.


The only good thing-I have some empathy for my students who find things difficult. I am not used to it. I don’t like it. But I can choose my response- and that for me is ultimate freedom. I can either

a) stop playing

b) work hard so that I get better or

c) not give a damn about what the others think…

This is where I love being an adult. I can choose. As a child, I had very few choices. I think children in schools generally, do not have as much choice as the adults who work there. I can do something about that.

Lessons from a hockey pitch… who would have thought!

Thanks for listening



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