Sparking Joy


I recently read ‘The Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. Wow, I absolutely loved it! For those interested in decluttering and simplifying I highly recommend it.

Unknown.jpegOne of the criteria Kondo applies is keeping those things that ‘spark joy’- clothes, things, people… it can be applied to anything… and I have been applying the principle across the board and the results have been interesting!

I realised that I have lots of things that spark joy in my home. Lots of things. Little things that I look at and smile. And those things that don’t spark joy have gone. New homes and charity shops will enjoy them no doubt.

But I also realised that as I swept through my clothes that I have extremely few clothes that spark joy. I could count on one hand (perhaps two at a push) those clothes that I enjoy wearing and feel good in. (One of those outfits I am wearing today and both were wonderful hand me downs from the gorgeous Sally :))

Ive been wondering whether that is to do with my clothes or my body… not sure… but I joy has been sparked in my top today 🙂

images-1.jpegSo I’m on mission spark joy. I’m not talking about never doing the mundane things that just have to be done… but I am talking about those optional extras that take up a lot of time that ultimately I am choosing to do… I’m also on a mission to re-think my wardrobe. I have been thinking recently that my clothes and shoes are far too sedate… so perhaps vintage, a bit of retro or even bespoke might be in order… watch this space!





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