Sanity and self-soothing


Self-Soothing is a key skill in DBT Distress Tolerance. It’s something that I find difficult and I often don’t feel very soothed even if I do the things I meant to… but sometimes I know I have to just keep persevering and practice.

The last few weeks I have been cross-stitching. I don’t remember doing it before. It has helped keep me sane! It needs total concentration- I can’t do anything else at the same time- I need to count and plot! So its not been something I can really do with other people. However, I have spent hours beavering away at the image and its nearly there.

I think the need to concentrate on something totally different has been helpful. The colours always bring joy to my eyes. The physicality of using needle and thread has also been helpful- Ive been connected with the materials. Again, I’ve seen a blank canvas turned in to something beautiful.

Beautiful isn’t it?

IMG_2280.JPGThe back of the canvas doesn’t look quite so pretty…

FullSizeRender.jpgbit like the inside of my mind at the moment!!!!

But I love the fact that even the messy side looks beautiful in its own way.

As  I get better at cross-stitch apparently the back of it will look better… but Im not overly bothered really- I think it looks fab.

Thanks for listening


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  1. I find that when my anxiety is all consuming, crafting is my way of regaining control, it’s mindful and I feel a sense of productivity which really helps reestablish balance for me. I’m pleased you’ve found something which helps

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