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sometimes things can get better…


I am back in the French Alps, and Lac Montriond is one of my happy places in the world. I have been  few times now and it is a short bus ride away from where I usually stay. It is glorious. This picture was possibly taken about 4 years ago, and doesn’t do it justice.


Yesterday, I visited it again. And if it were possible, the scene that greeted me was even more spectacular… it was the first time I had seen it without snow and it was GLORIOUS.


IMG_2391My photos do not do it justice… but my eyes did.

It made me think, that sometimes we think things can never get better/ be better… and yesterday, I saw for myself, that sometimes things can get better even when they are already pretty amazing.

Thanks for listening.


The safety of seasons


One of the greatest joys that mindfulness has brought into my life is that of ‘awareness’.   In particular awareness of the seasons, light patterns and the regularity of the rhythms of life. For years my main goal was to spend as much time in bed, preferably asleep as possible. As a consequence I had absolutely NO awareness of  what time it was light in the morning or when that could be expected to change. I always knew when it was getting darker in the evening but never the morning rhythm. This has been a wonderful revelation to me.

For the first time ever, I am beginning to be aware of flowers and what they signify about the seasons. I’ve realised some flowers only bloom in Spring- all these things have always passed me by before. Now they don’t.

The other thing I have taken much comfort in over the last 2 years has been about the rhythm of life. The comfort of knowing that Spring will always follow Winter, night will follow day, Easter will happen every year as will Christmas. In my darker times I have had to ban watches and clocks as I used to get obsessed with needing time to pass by, the depressing reality of waking up in the morning has begun to turn into a welcome guest. The regularity of the calendar has come to be more of a friend than a foe.

I have found it difficult to articulate how important this has and continues to be for me. I feel I haven’t done it justice… but I have time to consolidate my thoughts further. I have been working on a book ‘Hope in Practice’ (very slowly I must hasten to add). But this subject is going to be one of the chapters… the hope of knowing that seasons will always change, nothing ever stands still or stays the same.

I find that both hopeful and challenging. Long may both continue.

Thanks for listening.